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Here’s how Filling Pieces generated over €28K in revenue in one month, using ShopPop

Here’s how Filling Pieces generated over €28K in revenue in one month, using ShopPop

Here’s how Filling Pieces generated over €28K in revenue in one month, using ShopPop

Filling Pieces is a forward-thinking, Amsterdam-based fashion brand with a top-notch online presence and a state-of-the-art Shopify store. By combining several ShopPop features, they managed to turn WhatsApp and SMS messages into massive revenue retention.

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Bridging the gap between streetwear and high fashion

Bridging the gap between streetwear and high fashion is what Filling Pieces is all about. What started with the launch of the Low Top shoe in 2009 has grown into a brand with a flagship store in Amsterdam and a network of over 200 retailers worldwide.

The Low Top became more than just a piece of footwear. It was a symbol of affordable, luxury design. A product that leveled the playing field and one that proved good design can unify.

Since then, their offering has continued to evolve. It now includes more innovative footwear silhouettes and a full ready-to-wear collection complete with bags, accessories, and eyewear.

The struggle of trying to continuously improve conversion rates and customer lifetime value

We recently spoke to Randy about his challenges at Filling Pieces and how he used ShopPop to help overcome some of them.

Randy Adu Gyan is the online performance marketer at Filling Pieces, and is responsible for everything regarding their online marketing strategy.

“We’re continuously looking at how we can improve our conversion rate,” Randy told us, “sending direct WhatsApp & SMS messaging seemed like a valuable tool we wanted to explore some more.” 

Apart from the focus on improving conversion rates, they also wanted to improve customer lifetime value. They were already aware that WhatsApp & SMS have higher conversion rates than regular marketing channels, so it seemed sensical to start testing these direct messaging channels.

But they had another reason for sending these direct messages. They wanted to keep customers in the loop about products being back in stock, and new collections that were about to drop. It made sense that this would boost customer retention and with it, CLV.

Implementing several of ShopPop’s messaging features

Next to regular channels like email, WhatsApp and SMS were a logical next step for Filling Pieces to engage their audience directly. Randy: “I was really impressed with the high open rates these channels showed!”

Amongst others, Filling Pieces decided to implement ShopPop’s button to drawer and back in stock features. Occasionally, they also used the pop up feature. “Using the pop up feature on a campaign basis always seemed to result in a massive uplift in sign ups. We could use these opt-ins, in turn, to send out store alerts.”

Impressively high open rates, even higher conversion rates, an increase in CLV and generating €28K, all in one month.

After implementing ShopPop’s features, Filling Pieces started to see positive results, quickly. Especially during their busy sale period, they saw a huge increase in sales coming through the ShopPop notifications. 

With ShopPop, Filling Pieces managed to successfully gather a bunch of first-party data (opt-ins). This is becoming more and more important due to regulations cracking down on third-party data gathering through the use of cookies, for instance.

This makes WhatsApp and SMS marketing a more future-proof channel than only depending on advertising for growth. Apart from that, the results don't lie.

“An impressive amount of people opened the WhatsApp messages, went to our online store, and made a purchase.” Due to these high open rates of over 70% for store alerts and back in stock notifications, Filling Pieces was able to generate €28k in revenue in only 30 days.

What’s next for Filling Pieces and ShopPop

“When most of a website's traffic is coming from mobile, WhatsApp & SMS marketing are easy communication tools to let a customer interact with a brand. If you make the step smaller to engage with a brand, a customer is more likely to make a purchase,” Randy shares with us. 

Filling Pieces sends out store alerts to help optimize customer retention. It also helps with keeping brand awareness high. “By sharing newsletters and store updates you can ensure that customers are always up to date on everything our business is working on.”

In general, Filling Pieces considers the implementation of ShopPop a huge success, and will continue running WhatsApp and SMS marketing campaigns in the near future.

“ShopPop is a great tool that offers a way of communication that wasn’t possible before. With this tool we got an additional channel to reach our audience. With the impressive open- and conversion rates, the channel is a great addition next to our regular email communication.”